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Without committed volunteers, Friends of Animush (FOA) could not provide the level of care, service or reach the people and pets who need us most.  Volunteering helps us appreciate what we have and gives a great feeling knowing that a difference is made in the lives of others, whether four or two legged.

Since 2004, over 400 wonderful people have volunteered their time, shared their skills and knowledge to support northern communities where we conduct clinics.  Lasting friendships and positive feelings of self-worth are some of the benefits, as well as a deep appreciation for many of the material and social benefits that we take for granted.


General Principles of Summer Clinics

All Friends of Animush clinics begin with an invitation from the community Band Council before proceeding with plans to conduct a clinic.  Each community self-identifies the need for assistance in preventing pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering both pets and stray dogs.  In the past and present FOA has worked in the following northern communities:  Fort Hope, Sandy Lake, Bearskin Lake, Cat Lake, Summer Beaver, and Round Lake.
Each team is made up of 9 members: 2 veterinarians, 2 veterinary technicians, and 5 support people.  The teams are comprised of experienced and new members and participants are encouraged to bring their unique skillset to the table. 

Interested in volunteering for a summer clinic?  Click here to read more about what to expect: participant selection, trip logistics and team living.  If  you're on board, click here for the Volunteer Application form. Please note, costs to volunteer during clinics is than $150 for groceries. Incidentals such as meals on the road, and team t-shirts are extra.  Lodging, travel and other costs directly associated with the trip are covered by Friends of Animush.

If you're not able to travel for 7-8 days with us to a Northern community, we appreciate your help in other ways: communications, advocacy, fundraising, and donations of dog food and other pet supplies.  FOA have held whiskey tastings, garage sales, and solicited corporate sponsorships to help defray the high cost to conducting clinics and spreading the word.


If you have a little extra time, money or item to donate, please consider helping.

Volunteering not only helps out the people and pets of Cat Lake, but it makes you feel good as a human.