Cat Lake Friends of Animush is a not-for-profit organization. Our goal is to promote a safe and healthy environment for residents and their companion animals in isolated First Nation communities.  We do this by providing animal welfare education for children and veterinary care, spay/neuter services for companion animals.

Cake Lake Friends of Animush is composed of volunteer animal lovers, technicians and veterinarians who donate their time to travel and perform services including vaccinations, deworming and spay/neuter surgeries in fly-in First Nation communities in Northern Ontario and beyond.





In 2004, a committee was created with a mandate to protect domestic animals in northern isolated communities.  This was initiated with veterinary neuter/spay, immunization and parasite control programs, community education, basic dog obedience training, rescue and adoption.


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Volunteers are our key to success!

Without the sponsorship, donations and corporate giving we have received, the clinics would not be possible.  We are an organization of volunteers. 100% of the proceeds raised from any fundraising goes directly to conducting clinics each summer.  

Friends of Animush is grateful to the following businesses for their support.

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